Deliverance is a very common and important aspect of the healing ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is often difficult for people living in our society to recognize the real presence of the Devil and evil spirits, yet it is a continuous theme running throughout the Gospels and the New Testament. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against he powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph.6:12. It is almost impossible to be involved in the healing ministry and not encounter situations where there is a need for Spiritual Freedom in the form of deliverance. We have been given authority over evil through the power of God's Holy Spirit, the reason we still struggle is that we have all been born naturally into the kingdom of darkness and that has infected the souls of mankind since Adam. All though we have come to the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation, we are still carrying the baggage that we picked up from times past when we walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, under the influence of the Kingdom of darkness. Ephesians 2:2 When we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior we were "born again" the life and Kingdom of God and all that entails were deposited within our spirit man. However, the course of this world system, the kingdom of darkness, is still at work in areas of our unsurrendered soul where we are conditioned to and contaminated and or infected with a sin nature. our soul is made up of our heart, mind, will and emotions, including our conscious and subconscious memory, housing all of our thoughts, attitudes, judgments, desires, intentions, feelings and behaviors. Too many believers are still the "Lord" of their own souls, making them soulish or carnal Christians, holding them in a life cycle of bondage.  

​​And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes   Malachi 3:11 

Deliverance Ministry is the outworking of justification and sanctification that must take place within our lives.There is a distinct difference between possession, oppression and infestation. Oppression is an external heaviness that people feel from within over or around them that causes them to feel tired, discouraged and sometimes lethargic, possibly even confused and unable to concentrate or focus appropriately. Some people, even Christians, may have an area or areas of their lives that are controlled by demons and their influence. You may be thinking to yourself at this point how do these spirits get into a person in the first place and create such intensity? Here are just a few of the areas that allow Devils, Demons and Evil Spirits into a person they are Occult involvement, which can bring spirits of the occult. This occurs when a person-in ignorance, innocence or purposefully, has some involvement with the occult.Spirits that operate through, behind or because of Sin, which usually come as a result of repeated sin, such as a spirit of lust for example. Generational, Inherited and Cultural Spirits, come where something has been in a family for generations.Spirits of trauma can enter as a result of tragedy or trauma. Often they enter in childhood, sometimes even in utero. If you want absolute freedom, and the power to stay free, then this ministry is for you. If you want your desires to change so that you have God's desires, then this ministry is for you. If you want to increase your Faith and learn how to take authority over sin and the effects of sin in your life and in the lives of people that you Love, then this ministry is for you. If you want to walk in Holiness with the Lord Jesus Christ, serving God with a pure heart, then this ministry is for you. We know that Prayer brings God's will on earth, as it is in heaven.  Jesus will come into the person whose heart is open towards "Him"

We never let a "spirit" dictate when or how a Deliverance is to take place. It is important for us to always be led by God's Holy Spirit. Deliverance ministry is always done at God's appointed and anointed time. As the Lord lays it upon your heart to pray for the TED LINE MINISTRY please pray for the people involved in this ministry. Also join with us in praying for the many people who visit the websites and those that  respond to the call-in-prayer line. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will touch, change, save, heal and deliver the Spirit, Soul and Body of every person that comes to The TED LINE, for "His" Glory.

Deliver us from evil. Matthew 6:12-13

Who hath delivered us FROM the the power of darkness and

hath translated us into the Kingdom of "His" dear son.

"Jesus"                                                                               Col. 1:13






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