Erica Joseph Shepherd founder of Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries and The TED LINE. A pioneer of the Integration of Exorcism, Deliverance, Inner-Healing Ministry. /decades ahead of her time, Erica wrote Spirits are subject unto you, a book that simply defines the oneness and the operation the Spiritual realm Biblically and how through the word of God how it operates, incorporating spirit, soul and body. Erica has a passion to equip a spiritual generation with effective spiritual tools, including operating in ministry through signs, wonders, miracles and prophetic abilities, needed for the last-day harvest.The TED LINE is a teaching and prayer ministry, helping believers find real freedom from anxiety, stress, loneliness, past hurts and the physical consequences of these damaging emotions, torments, pain and the spiritual pressure from Satan, Devils, Demons and Evil Human spirits, enabling God's children to be restored to Good health and complete wholeness through the Love of God, Spirit, Soul and Body. The TED LINE and Erica Joseph Shepherd on a mission to help raise up and release empowered Kingdom men and women, Deliverers, partnering together in advancing heaven's agendas and the Kingdom of God upon this earth.

Transformational Extensive Deliverance  Uncovering Exposing Destroying Hidden Things and Hidden Works of Darkness

EXORCISM---THE WORD "EXORCISM" means "Casting out" or calling upon a higher authority to bind the devil or demon in order to control it and command it to leave the body of the person that it is inhabiting. As Christian believers this higher authority is the Lord Jesus Christ. Spirit Exorcism is performed on a person who is to what ever degree possessed by Satan and or Demon Spirits. Possession means the person has been taken over by the Devil, that the person no longer is in full faculty of their own will.This belief itself is based upon the word of God, coming from the sea of Galilee the Lord Jesus Christ entered the land of the Gerasenes. He was immediately met by a man from the tombs cut into the mountains of the area. The man was said to be possessed of an unclean spirit. Nothing could bind this man, not even chains. He lived in the mountains, crying, and cutting himself with stones.But when seeing the Lord Jesus Christ approaching the man went to "Him" seeking help. The unclean devil immediately recognized the Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus recognized the demon. Jesus then summoned the Spirit to leave the man, and asked his name. "My name is Legion," answered the spirit, "for we are many." Once the devils left the man, Christ sent them into a nearby heard of swine who then jumped in to the sea and drown. Mark 5:1-13 Exorcism is instant but that does not mean that it is fast however once one repents.The legal grounds of Satan and the supporting Devils that he once used to interfere with a person's life are broken enabling recovery from all the harm caused by whatever gave Satan and the Devils access. The harm may have been spiritual, social, physical, material and so on.Jesus gave the powers against unclean spirits, to "His" disciples..Jesus gave the power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness, and all manner of disease." Matthew 10:1 

The Majority of people believe Exorcism and Exorcists are fictional even in the twenty-first century, when the world has progressed so far, as to believe in spirits and spiritual things.It's not just a question of believing in their existence but of acknowledging the fact that spirits, devils, demons, satans, evil unclean, familiar and other spirits of bondage (invisible disembodied beings without bodies) have such a great influence on people's lives. There are a lot of people suffering from the effects (everyone of them believing that they are the only ones affected) who are suffering greatly, whom nobody wants to or can help. This is not a phenomenon which a normal person (and that includes some ministers) will want to put the extreme amount of time and compassion required to help people in this bondage.

Today We Need Exorcisms

​TED, demonstrating to you the reality of the spirits (That Possess AND OPPRESS People) being subject unto you. You experience, Transformational Extensive Deliverance. Demonstrating to you the reality of the Spirits being unable to keep you in bondage. You will experience the restoration, the glorious expanded power through the demonstrable and tangible Love of God. Empowering your Spirit, Soul and Body. Equipping you to live by and step out by the Faith of God. You finally will impact this world fully for the Kingdom of God, through "His" Glory pouring out of you, to others. Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries, Integrated Healing Prayer Model.

And God says, I will Rebuke the Devourer for your SAKES

                                                                          ​Malachi 3:11


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